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Mechanic with laptop diagnoses car in workshop

Car problem diagnosis and repair

If your vehicle’s sensors have detected a problem – whether it’s with the engine, the brakes, the ABS or anything in between – Northamptonshire Mobile Mechanic in Corby can isolate that problem and fix it.

Get a diagnosis today and you can prevent that problem from getting worse and more expensive.

Call: 07495 857346

Subsequent repairs discounted

Any vehicle make / model

4.8 / 5 on Google from 52 reviews

Diagnostic checks completed on both cars and light commercial vehicles

The quality diagnostic equipment that we use can detect issues with any number of vehicle systems, including the engine, brakes and clutch. Once we’ve identified what the system warning or error code is referring too, we can isolate the problem and advise on a possible repair. We can oversee these repairs too and reset the system once complete so that any dashboard signals are erased. The journey from diagnosis to fix is always quick, meaning we can get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Diagnostic tool in car interior

Don’t have a warning light system?

Not all vehicles have a warning light system but that doesn’t mean diagnostic tools can’t be used to help diagnose vehicle issues. Our advanced diagnostic tools can still be used to pinpoint the problem your vehicle is having. One of our ad hoc diagnostic health checks can do this for you and account for any stored or current faults. Our mechanics can also repair any issues once identified.

Why book a diagnostic check with our team?

  • We come to you, wherever you’re based in the area

  • Doesn’t matter what vehicle make or model you drive

  • Discounted repair work once the issue is diagnosed

  • Competitive prices

  • 1 year warranty on parts

  • 6-month warranty on labour

  • Qualified mechanics

Professional mechanic using a laptop computer to check a car engine
Series of mechanic tools

What areas do we cover?

  • Corby

  • Kettering

  • Market Harborough

  • Northampton

  • Oundle

  • Peterborough

  • Rugby

  • Thrapston

  • Wellingborough

"Very friendly, quick, clear and helpful from the start, diagnosing the problem with my car and offering all alternatives to resolve the problem. I could definitely rely on Rolff to fix any future problems properly and will be using him in the future." 

Will Hurst (Google review)

Mechanic's hands holding tool and inspecting car engine in car dealership workshop

Quick check, quick diagnosis, quick repair?

It’s what we can provide at Northamptonshire Mobile Mechanic.

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